The 21st Century will take no prisoners.

Converging ecological, economic, and social crises will have to be confronted.

Politically, the Right is locked-in to a failing system. The Left seems determined to repeat the mistakes of the 20th century. New approaches, disruptive innovations and novel combinations of ideas and strategies are needed to reawaken the imagination of humanity. To replace capitalist modernity, we cannot simply abolish it — we will have to out-grow it.


In the course of this program I will be exploring the theme of “Transition” as the foundation of my work. From this theme, three questions become obvious:

“Transition from Where?”

“Transition to What?”

And, of course, “How?”

The potential size of this question is immense. So, this winter I will be exploring only a few facets: Science Fiction and Utopia as a guide to “Where?” and Cooperation as a hypothesis of “How?”

Through my readings, and an internship with a local non-profit Cooperative Development Center I will be attempting to gather various data, in the form of stories, spreadsheets, interviews and experience, and synthesizing it all here on this blog.


About Me:

I am Reed Ingalls, a student at the Evergreen State College. The ideas expressed here are my own, and like most things, are always in the middle of becoming something else.

Saving the world is  a big job, but somebody has to do it.

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